It is my belief that those who possess monolithic institutional and repressive power will never allow the people to vote it away or steal it back. No matter how great and sweeping the best–intended reformist legislation becomes, at a certain point, it will reach a final ceiling while the fundamental injustices which create the need for reform continue. Over the course of many years and many struggles without total success, the people at large will reach new heights of awareness, consciousness, common bond, and skepticism such that a passive role in the slow destruction of humanity is no longer acceptable.

The billionaires and bankers, and the politicians who benefit from them, will never allow fundamental change such as would be necessary to effect a fundamental justice. Therefore, though a peaceful transition is always preferable, only a violent overthrow of the existing social and economic order and political system by a massive organization consisting of all participating members of all segments of society will achieve true and lasting justice.

If the thoughts, instructions, and words in this book someday contribute to the formation of that organization, and it takes upon itself the responsibility of committing defensive violence (for all revolutionary violence is defensive violence), I urge that the measures taken are done so for the good of the movement, and not for the momentary glory of any one person or fraction, nor for short­-term gains, nor for political expediency, but because the material conditions made them necessary in order for humanity to progress.